Carbon Neutral Shipping

With climate change being one of the most pressing issues in society today, we would like to make our own effort in the best way we can. Considering the fact that production, be it handmade or machinery, and online shopping are far from what they are meant to be in terms of environmental friendliness, carbon neutrality would go a long way.

Therefore, we commit to making all our shipments carbon-neutral by donating €0.15 per order to Shopify's sustainability, through Shopify's Planet app to remove our carbon footprint on every order. A summary hereof can be found on this page. In conclusion, we are delighted to announce that we are shipping carbon-neutral, assisting atmospheric carbon removal, storing carbon for 1000+ years through solutions like ocean-based removal and direct air capture.

Lastly, we offer free shipping within Europe (including the United Kingdom). For other countries, we offer shipping at a surcharge, and free for orders €150 and above.